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Av Bonzo - 24 juli 2006 15:01

I went to stay in Viksjö for a few weeks with my human grandparents and aunt. I had a great time. And I learned how to bark! So I practiced that every time they were eating. And there's a nice garden for me to run around in and eat the flowers and dig holes in the ground. Ahh... those were the days.

Taking a nap

Waiting for lunch to be served

Hello! Hungry dog here!

Me doing my best imitation of a bat :)

One of my favourite sticks in the garden

Av Bonzo - 7 juli 2006 14:54

Here we are by the lake. I didn't want to get my paws wet at first, as you can see there's some kind of sea monster in the water ;) After a while I got tired and stole Mia's shoe to rest my head on.

Av Bonzo - 6 juli 2006 14:40

A couple of days later some friends came by to admire me, and they all thought I was the cutest puppie ever :)

I wanted to play with Malkolm's football, but I sort of killed it...

Me and my buddy Malkolm. 

Av Bonzo - 2 juli 2006 14:31

This is me when I first arrived in Johanneshov, 10 weeks old. We travelled all day by car from Skåne, finally we stopped and they said "this is your new home".

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