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Av Bonzo - 28 april 2008 00:53

Here's me and my good friend Bosse. Bosse is a mixed breed as me, but he's half Border Collie, half Golden Retriever/Labrador. He's almost five months now I think. Since he's so young, I let him wrestle me down to the ground, just to be nice. I'm still in charge though :)

Some serious posing for the camera

We met Bosse again and this time Mozart the Golden Retriever came to.

Mozart is a big fan of wooden sticks :)

After a while Pluto joined us. He is a rescue-dog from Romania.

Av Bonzo - 24 april 2008 00:45

Mia's got a new mobile phone with a pretty good camera in it, so now I can blog more often :)

Of course the first picture had to be of me!

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