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Av Bonzo - 26 maj 2008 00:28

Waiting for the train to agility practice.

Av Bonzo - 25 maj 2008 00:25

Now we're in Viksjö celebrating Gareth :)

Mmmm... cake...

Av Bonzo - 24 maj 2008 00:15

Husse's (Gareth) birthday was two days ago, and tonight he's having his birthday party. First we had some food at our place (well I only got my boring dog food as usual...) and after that we went out to play Brännboll. I was my own team, I caught the ball all the time and made the others trip over me :)

This is Gareth's present...

made by Vera!

I'm not sure what's going on here...

This is a video clip of Husse trying to beat his present...

Av Bonzo - 19 maj 2008 23:11

We're practicing agility on Mondays, again at Hundes Hus. I'll try and get some film clips for you next time.

Av Bonzo - 12 maj 2008 23:09

Tyrone likes my legs!

Av Bonzo - 11 maj 2008 23:03

Today at the dogpark I met Seven the white Swiss shepherd dog. He's about nine months old now, but already bigger than me!

Seven chasing Bosse.

Time for my afternoon nap.

Av Bonzo - 10 maj 2008 23:15

This is my balcony at Mia's place. I like to sit here and look at people and birds, and chew on the rosebush.

Sleeping time on my new couch.

Av Bonzo - 9 maj 2008 23:16

Fun in the dogpark with Mozart and Bosse :)

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