Alla inlägg under juni 2008

Av Bonzo - 20 juni 2008 23:50

Today is Midsummer's Eve, we all went to Viksjö to eat sill and nubbe :)

After a while Matte and Husse left to go to another party. This is what it looks like when Husse is grilling meat. He seems to like it very very well done :D

Av Bonzo - 18 juni 2008 22:15

Today we found some sort of rubber bird in the dogpark :)

Aramis got it!

Bess chasing the bird.

Fendi has wrestled me down, she thinks... :)


Av Bonzo - 13 juni 2008 22:00

This afternoon I met Mozart and Fendi in the dogpark. Here are Mozart and Fendi having a tug-of-war over the blue ball.

Me and Mozart found a stick...

...and it was big enough to share.

Mozart and Fendi left and I was joined by a new friend, Zion. I met him the other day when I was out walking Jenny.

I'm a sofisticated drinker :)

Have a look at the video of me and Mozart and our stick!

Av Bonzo - 12 juni 2008 22:15

Now I'm back in Blåsut, and today I met little Blaze.

Blaze doing his best frog-imitation :D

After a while Tyra and Tyrone joined us. Tyrone is starting to get quite tough...

... but it's Tyra who is in charge. I tried to retrieve my blue ball, while Tyrone and Blaze hid in the bushes.

The Dobermanns Enzo and Eliza showed up. This is Enzo trying to get my stick, but I'm too fast for him :)

Av Bonzo - 10 juni 2008 22:00

Here I am at the Dragon-dogpark. I'm looking for somebody to play with...

... but I didn't find anyone so I chew on a stick for a while.

Av Bonzo - 9 juni 2008 22:38

After dinner we went to Hummelmora, I wanted to go swimming!

Check out the movie, it's Baywatch featuring me :D

Av Bonzo - 9 juni 2008 18:33

Me and Mia are in Viksjö. We went to the dogpark close to the famous Viksjö-dragon. I met a German Shepard, I think I've met her before, like a year ago or so. She was quite big and tough, so I tried to hide under the table but she found me...

She had a friend with her, but he wasn't that interested in playing with us. He was blind on one eye, maybe that's why.

Av Bonzo - 8 juni 2008 22:27

Today Mia went to watch agility at SSBK. I wasn't allowed to go, I have to practice some more first... ;)

But here are some pics of the competitors.

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