Alla inlägg under juli 2008

Av Bonzo - 31 juli 2008 22:33

Today I met Bess at the dogpark. She so cute, she looks like the liquorice troll :)

Av Bonzo - 30 juli 2008 21:15

Something strange was going on at Nytorpsgärdet. There was a big yellow ball, after a while it flew up in the air. I was very fascinated by it.

Av Bonzo - 17 juli 2008 15:15

Today we went for a bikeride to the lake. It's so hot outside so I wanted to go swimming :)

Av Bonzo - 16 juli 2008 22:00

Can I eat the candy now please?

I'm good at jumping onto the table, especially if there's something to eat on it :)

Working on the tan.

Time for the afternoon nap.

I met some friends in the dogpark, here's me, Mozart and Bosse sharing a nice stick.

Little Fendi

This is Donna, Plutos new roommate. She's also a rescue-dog from Romania, so she was a bit shy.


Av Bonzo - 15 juli 2008 14:15

Trying to do a photoshoot for the annual Bonzo-calendar.

Av Bonzo - 14 juli 2008 23:11

Resting a bit in the grass at Nytorpsgärdet.

Later we went to the dogpark and met Bess.

Me and Mozart playing football.

Now it's time for me to go to bed.

Av Bonzo - 11 juli 2008 22:20

We have moved to a new apartment recently. I now live in Mariehäll. This is my new living room, same old couch though :)

This is the dogpark in my new neighborhood. Here I am playing with my new football.

C'mon, kick it!

There's a stream close to our house. I like to go there and watch the ducks, wishing I was allowed to play with them :)

Me and Jenny drove Mia home.

We went to the Blåsut dogpark, where I met Bosse!

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