Alla inlägg under augusti 2008

Av Bonzo - 19 augusti 2008 15:12

Today I went to play with some friends on the footballground next to the dogpark, since we can't be in the dogpark now. Mia didn't have a camera so I borrowed these from Mozart's blog.

Photos by Helena Hauer

Av Bonzo - 18 augusti 2008 22:00

Gareth's good friends Sarah and Gordon are in town. We went for a boatride!

Photos by Sarah Ritchie

Av Bonzo - 15 augusti 2008 13:30

A bunch of Gareth's relatives are in town, so tonight we will all go to Viksjö and have a crayfish party :)

I met up with Mia to go to Blåsut for a while, and there were a lot of policecars driving past us. When we got to Blåsut we saw that the police had found this moped, it had been used in a robbery!

We went to the dogpark, but we couldn't play there because SL had ruined it :(

Av Bonzo - 8 augusti 2008 21:53

Today we went to one of my favourite places, the Dog Islands in Drottningholms slottspark. First we went to pick up Mia by the train. While we were driving across the parking lot, some idiot backed his car into ours! We didn't get hurt or anything, but there's a big dent on the car :(

When we finally got to the islands I went for a quick swim.

After a while I met this cute puppy. I was more interested in my orange ball though, I love that ball!

Here's a videoclip of me and the pup!

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