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Av Bonzo - 29 oktober 2008 22:07

More shots for the Bonzo-calendar.

Playtime in the meadow between Skärmarbrink and Blåsut.

This is my old friend Stig Strand, being chased by Theo and Kalle.

I'm tall, that's good when you're trying to get some candy :)

Later we went to Viksjö to celebrate grandma's birthday. I offered to help her eat the icecream :)

Av Bonzo - 28 oktober 2008 22:03

We had to go to the dogpark, since the footballground was occupied. It's veeery muddy in there, Bosse's not exactely white anymore... Sina didn't want to walk in the mud at all.

Av Bonzo - 28 oktober 2008 13:52

Today is the first day for my new daycare pal Sina. She's 3½ years old and a Irish softcoated wheaten terrier. She's going to be at Mia's house a couple of days every week.

We hooked up with Mozart and Bosse and went to the footballground.

I borrowed this one from Mozart's blog, it's a good one of the four of us :)

Photo by Helena Hauer

Av Bonzo - 27 oktober 2008 22:12

Trying to watch E.R but I'm too tired.

Av Bonzo - 24 oktober 2008 21:45

This is Bosse, Olga and me (behind Olga). Olga thinks that Bosse is her dog, so she gets a bit jealous sometimes.

Bosse found Theo's frisbee.

I'm so fast I'm a bit blurry :)

Av Bonzo - 14 oktober 2008 21:55

Apparantely, Mozart used to be a moviestar ;)



Av Bonzo - 14 oktober 2008 21:28

We went to the dogpark today, and met up with Bosse. After a while the new kid on the block joined us, Bosse's neighbour Kalle. Well, he's not really a kid, he's eight years old, but he likes to play with us :)

I'm going after Bosse's legs...

Me, Bosse and Kalle.

Mozart showed up. Sticks, beware!

From left to right; Bosse, Kalle, me, Mozart and little Bosse.

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