Alla inlägg under november 2008

Av Bonzo - 28 november 2008 23:26

There's not much snow left, only small bits for us to eat. This is Motley and Bosse.

Mmm... snow... :)

Me and Fendi.

Motley, digging a hole.

Av Bonzo - 27 november 2008 21:52

This morning we met Seven! Haven't seen him in a while either. Unfortunately the snow has started to melt away :(

Later we went to the footballground with Bosse, have a look at the video :)

Av Bonzo - 26 november 2008 13:36

 Here we are in the little forest next to Skärmarbrink.

We met Fred, a nine months old puppy who's my look-a-like! I can hardly tell who's who myself :)

I think I'm to the left here, Fred's in the middle, and Bosse to the right.

Av Bonzo - 25 november 2008 21:28

Playtime in the dogpark again! Today we met Lucy there, haven't seen her for a while so it was nice to see her :)

 Lucy the samoyed

Sina the snowdog :)

Av Bonzo - 24 november 2008 22:13

It's been snowing a lot since yesterday, and it's still snowing! Me and Sina went to the dogpark and met a new friend, Bamse. Check out the videoclip!

Av Bonzo - 19 november 2008 23:20

Today I met up with Bess in the dogpark :)

Av Bonzo - 17 november 2008 23:25

I'm in Johanneshov again, I have been home in Mariehäll for a few weeks. Husse's gone to Japan, I hope he brings me some japanese candy when he comes home :)

It's been quite cold the last couple of days, so we can use the dogpark. Today me and Sina went there and hooked up with Bosse.

Av Bonzo - 3 november 2008 23:58

Some pics from today;

Bosse, me and Sina


Me and Bosse with a stick

Me, Olga, Sina and Bosse

Little Fendi

Fendi wants to play with Sina

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