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Av Bonzo - 25 januari 2009 23:56

Today I'm a bit sad, this is the last day I'll see Bess. She's moving to Berlin on Friday. Me, Bess and Bosse met up in the dogpark, but it's all muddy in there now so we went for a walk instead. Bye bye Bess, don't forget to come and visit us when you're back in Sweden!

Av Bonzo - 23 januari 2009 20:52

My good friend Bess came to stay the night at Mia's place. We hung out in the dogpark for a while, after that we went home to watch "The Simpsons". Since I'm a gentleman, I let the ladies sleep in the bedroom while I slept on the couch (it has nothing to do with the fact that the bed is too small... ;)

Av Bonzo - 23 januari 2009 18:16

Today has been an exhausting day.

I went to Nytorpsgärdet with Bosse and we met up with Bess there. We had lots of fun, and we met a cute 15 weeks old puppie :)

After that me and Mia went to the vet, because I have apparantly wounded my private parts. We took the bus to Bagarmossens Animal Hospital. I was on my best behaviour, and both the vet and the nurse said I was really handsome and nice :)

They poked and squeezed me everywhere, but I just stood on the table and let them do their thing. I'm not to happy with this lampshade I have to wear indoors, but Mia says it's only for a few days. And she bought me a Megabone on the way home :D

Av Bonzo - 17 januari 2009 20:00

Hello there!

Today is my 1000-day :) I'm a big dog now!

Happy 1000-day to me!

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