Alla inlägg under februari 2009

Av Bonzo - 21 februari 2009 15:23

I'm in Viksjö right now, trying to make grandma give me her semla :)

Av Bonzo - 3 februari 2009 20:44

Today I'm visiting Blåsut. Me, Sina and Mia went to the dogpark and met Seven.

He likes me a bit too much sometimes so I have to tell him to back off...

After a while Bosse showed up.

I'm trying some new moves to get the candy quicker :)

Sina wants Bosses stick, but he won't let her near it.

We took a walk to Nytorpsgärdet where I met my old friend Zion.

Later in the afternoon in the dogpark we met Cricket the pup. I've met him once before when I was at the hospital a few weeks ago.

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