Alla inlägg under mars 2009

Av Bonzo - 29 mars 2009 21:40

We're in Viksjö eating waffles. The official Waffleday was Wednesday, on grandpa's birthday, so we all came here today to celebrate :)

This is me and grandma.

Av Bonzo - 24 mars 2009 20:39

Today Matte & Husse are coming back from Thailand!

 I'm taking a nap while I wait for them to pick me up.

Av Bonzo - 23 mars 2009 22:31

I'm back in Blåsut again, after spending the weekend in Viksjö. I feel a lot better now, I got my apetite back and I'm not tired all the time :)

I fell in love today when I met Bailey, she's so cute!


 Today's gang; Bosse, Bailey, Sina and Kalle. I'm in the background.

In the afternoon we met Mozze in the dogpark, we found a ball to play with.

Sina doesn't like the mud in the dogpark so we went for a walk instead.

Av Bonzo - 20 mars 2009 20:06

Another day in Blåsut, today we're in the little forest between Skärmarbrink and Blåsut.

Mozart found a big root in the ground that he worked on for a while, and managed to break it off!

Mmm, fresh wood I thought and wanted a bite for myself.

Bosse joined in.

Mozze gave up after a while.

 He had found another nice stick :)

Olga and Fendi, looking for other roots to eat.

Me and Bosse, still tugging on the same stick, Mozart joined us.

Bosse went home, so me and Mozze decided to wrestle instead, check out the video!

Av Bonzo - 18 mars 2009 20:56

Today we went to Nytorpsgärdet and met Bosses younger brother Roffe.

In the afternoon we found a nice tree that Mozze and Bosse tried to fell.

Here's a video as well of the tree-incident :)

Av Bonzo - 17 mars 2009 12:15

We're a bit tired today, so I'll just show you this pic :)

Av Bonzo - 16 mars 2009 21:25

Today is Monday, so Sina is here, nice to meet her again :)

We went to the dogpark to do a photoshoot.

Me and Seven.

Me chasing a stick.

Me and Bosse.

Bosse won the stick...


Bosse, me and Seven.

Me, happy with a nice stick.

Inkan, Bosse and me fighting over the stick.

Sina modelling on the table.

Top model material :)

Me, Seven and Bosse.

Also Top model material :)

Seven left and Mozart joined us.

 I wanted in, so I tried this angle first...

 Hmm, maybe it's better this way...

 Arf, I lost my grip!

Mozart found a nice orange ball.

Hey guys, what's up?

Sina and a new little friend.

Helena throwing the orange ball.

Mozze wants the ball a bit too much... :)

 Mozze chasing a stick...

Finally got it!

Another new female acquaintance, I think her name is Fanny.

Mozze thought it was so wet in the dogpark that he decided to go for a swim...

It's important to get wet all over your fur :)

Ready to go home to the couch now :)

Av Bonzo - 15 mars 2009 23:12

I have a nasty stomach flu :( I've been ill for a week or so, I can't eat or drink and I throw up. Not good at all. Matte & Husse went to Thailand yesterday, so I'm going to stay in Blåsut for a while.

This is me after I have made the bed, the way I want it to be... :)

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