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Av Bonzo - 23 april 2009 21:09

Today is my birthday! I'm three years old now, and officially a grown up :) Happy birthday to me :D

Me and Bosse met up in the dogpark to try out some of my presents.

I'm tired now, after playing with Bosse and unwrapping and eating gifts. Have to take a nap, bye for now.

Av Bonzo - 22 april 2009 22:02

Another visit to Blåsut, to hang out with my pals :)

I found a nice stick to chew at for a while.

Me and Bosse.


Causing a minor sandstorm...

Seven joined us.


Later in the afternoon I met Fendi and Olga, and a new friend. Her name is Lava, she's 11 months old.

Av Bonzo - 19 april 2009 21:48

I spent yesterday in Viksjö, and today Husse and Matte came and picked both me and grandma up. We went to Mia, cause her birthday is tomorrow. There was a lot of talk about going to the local chinese restaurant, but I never saw any chinese food...

Excuse me, what about my chinese food?

Av Bonzo - 11 april 2009 22:41

Happy easter everybody!

I'm in Viksjö celebrating, I have a great position here under the table. As soon as someone drops something I'm there!

Me and Mia

Me and Jenny

Av Bonzo - 7 april 2009 22:07

My good friend from Scotland, Lee, is here visiting and today he and Husse wanted to go swimming in Södertälje. They dropped me off in Blåsut first, so I could hang out with my pals.

I found Mozart under the bench, catching his breath.

Sina's working on the suntan :)

Me and Helena are trying to persuade Mozart to drop the ball. Bamse in the background.

Waiting for Helena to throw the ball.

C'mon, give us the ball!

Later in the afternoon we met Rocco. He was biten a few weeks ago, and got a bad infection. But he's fine now :)

Bosse was in the dogpark as well, here's a video of us playing the staring game, we try to make the other one move first by staring at each other... here's a video!

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