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Av Bonzo - 28 maj 2009 22:38

It's not the best weather today, it's raining. But I want to go and meet my pals anyway :)

We don't like early mornings...

Bosse is not so white anymore. Lucky for me I'm black :)

Zion and me.

Bosse, me and Zion.

Today's fantastic four!

Bonzo! Buddy! Give me a hug!

Av Bonzo - 27 maj 2009 23:12

Today I hung out with Seven the White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

Av Bonzo - 26 maj 2009 22:55

Another day in the Blåsut dogpark :)

This is a new friend, Bosse the third!

He's a Dog de Bordeaux.

Bosse, Bosse and me.

Me, Sina and Bosse sharing a nice stick.

Bosse left and Zion showed up!

Av Bonzo - 25 maj 2009 23:28

Today at the dogpark we met little Baloo again. He's growing really fast!

Little Baloo

Sina, me, Mozart and Bamse

Later in the afternoon we met Bosse.

He had found a bottle to play with.

Sina thought it was hot today.

Av Bonzo - 24 maj 2009 23:11

Back in Blåsut, on my beloved couch :)

Av Bonzo - 21 maj 2009 22:26

Me and Mia are in Viksjö, watching movies and resting :)

Av Bonzo - 19 maj 2009 22:06

Today I started a new course, viltspår in swedish, you learn how to track wild animals. Mia had to run around in the woods and squirt blood on the ground, and in the end of the trail there's a hoof I'm supposed to find. I was very good at finding the trail and the hoof, apparently I was a bit too fast though.

Here I am at our meeting point, Ryttarstadion/Rider's stadium, looking at horses passing by.

 Waiting for my turn...

Wohoo, I found the hoof!

Av Bonzo - 18 maj 2009 21:07

There are some new pups in the area, this is Bamse and is son Baloo.

Fendi wanted to be in the photo as well...

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