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Av Bonzo - 25 augusti 2009 22:35

Yey, today I had a great time with my friends, here's todays photosession :) 

Louie showed up!

Waiting for Mia to throw the ball...

Almost got it!

Av Bonzo - 24 augusti 2009 21:32

Tomorrow I will go to Blåsut again, Mozart is staying with Mia so I will definitely see him then :)

Hopefully I get to meet my best pals, Bosse, Mozart and Sina

Av Bonzo - 17 augusti 2009 22:19

Today when I arrived in Blåsut I took a quick afternoon nap.

We went to the dogpark to meet Zion who's in town for a few weeks. When we got there my look-a-like Fred was there!

I'm the one with the stick :)

Here Fred is in front of me.

I'm going after Fred's leg.

Zion, "little" Bosse the 7 months old Dog de Bordeaux, me and Fred.

"Little" Bosse is not so little anymore :)

Zion and me.

Later in the evening me and Mia went for a walk at Nytorpsgärdet. Mia tried to make me pose but I got tired of it after 2 seconds...

Av Bonzo - 11 augusti 2009 18:43

There's a new pup in the neighbourhood, his name is Tore and he's a miniature dachshund.

Mozart and Tore

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