Alla inlägg under november 2009

Av Bonzo - 23 november 2009 23:00

Monday again and I'm back in Blåsut. Me, Bosse and Sina did our usual stuff.

Wohoo, I beat Bosse to the stick!


Throw it again, please!


We didn't stay that long in the dogpark, Sina's not too happy about the mud in there. Quite understandable as she has longer fur than me.


Av Bonzo - 16 november 2009 19:30

Mia's been to Germany again, and this time she bought some of my biscuits for me :)

Hmm, they smell nice anyway!


C'mon, give me some biscuits now!


Av Bonzo - 1 november 2009 19:30

Today we went to Viksjö to celebrate grandma's birthday!

But when we first got there she wasn't home, I couldn't relax when she wasn't there so was looking through the window until she got back with the cake :)

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