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Av Bonzo - 29 december 2009 23:00

I like spending time at Mia's place, I like it even more now when Bosse is there!

Husse calls us JD and Turk ;)





Av Bonzo - 25 december 2009 23:45

Merry Christmas everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated Swedish Christmas, with Kalle Anka on tv and everything else Swedish. Today we're doing it England style, Husse's parents and sister are here :)


They set the dessert on fire!

Me and my English aunt, grandpa and grandma :)


Av Bonzo - 17 december 2009 20:30

More fun-time in the snow! Mia dropped the camera while filming this as you can see in the end :)


Av Bonzo - 16 december 2009 14:15

There's a lot of snow right now in Stockholm, and quite cold. But it's fun to play in the snow!




Hmm, I'm not sure wide-angle is my thing...


Trying to kiss the photographer ;)



Av Bonzo - 14 december 2009 21:00

Another day with Bosse and Mia in Blåsut, another wrestling match and another nap :)





Av Bonzo - 12 december 2009 13:45

Saturday means dogwalk in Bromma! Bosse came along today again :)


Av Bonzo - 7 december 2009 20:15

Today I got to visit Bosse and Sina in Blåsut.

I didn't get there until late afternoon, so Bosse and Sina had the early shift of entertaining Mia :) Me and Bosse had to wrestle, one of our favourite games, while Sina was waiting by the door for her master.

After wrestling we needed to take a nap.

Av Bonzo - 5 december 2009 19:45

Bosse is staying with Mia for a while, his master is away on holiday. On Saturday mornings there's a group of dogs walking together here in Bromma. Today Mia and Bosse came along, I wanted my old friends and new friends to meet :)

Here's a bunch of pics of our happy bunch!

-Dude, is there something between my teeth? I ate some grass earlier.

-Nope, looks fine. How about me?











Bosse, Freja, me and Forza.





After the walk we gave Mia and Bosse a ride to the train station, we were quite happy and tired :)


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