Alla inlägg under februari 2010

Av Bonzo - 15 februari 2010 20:15

Husse and Matte are in Hamburg celebrating Husse's dad's birthday, but they're coming home today. Meanwhile me and Sina are playing in the snow in Blåsut.





Av Bonzo - 13 februari 2010 09:00

A bit sleepy, and for some reason Mia thinks this is her bed...


Av Bonzo - 5 februari 2010 20:45

Another trip to Viksjö today, we went to the dogpark by the big Dragon.

I found a new friend to play with, but we're so fast we're blurry :)




Av Bonzo - 4 februari 2010 20:45

We have a new roommate here, our friend Donna Lee moved in a few days ago. It's a bit crowded on the couch but that's ok :)

Today I met my bestest friends in the dogpark, Bosse and Mozart :)


Poor Sina has such a soft fur, the snow sticks to her like glue!

Av Bonzo - 1 februari 2010 22:45

Another walk in the snow, another nap on the couch :)



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