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Av Bonzo - 28 april 2010 22:45

Today I went with husse to his job at the bar, and after a while Mia came by to pick me up. We went to the dogpark in Vitabergsparken and found some dogs to hang out with :)


Av Bonzo - 23 april 2010 20:45

Today is my fourth birthday! Hooray for me!


My new computer :) (ok, it's actually Mia's... ;)


I met up with Mozze to play in the park.




Av Bonzo - 13 april 2010 12:30

Today is Mozze's birthday! Hip Hip Hooray!

He's now 3 years old.



Av Bonzo - 2 april 2010 21:15

Happy easter everyone!

To celebrate I have a chicken on my collar :)



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