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Av Bonzo - 17 maj 2010 21:30

Me and Sina had a very important mission today, we were being guarddogs. Mia had to go from one bank to the other with a bunch of cash, so we put on our most serious faces and patrolled beside Mia. It all went well, no thieves in sight :)

After that we went to check out Elissa's new place!


Big nice balcony where you can work on your tan :)


Sina preferred to stay inside though.


Plenty of room to play!


Or you can just chill on the floor.


C'mon let's have a balcony-party!


Close-up shot.



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Av Bonzo - 28 augusti 2010 23:45

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Av Bonzo - 1 augusti 2010 21:45

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Av Bonzo - 23 juli 2010 22:45

  Husse and matte are back in town, and my nail is healing like it should :)   I have to wear this little shoe when I go out to avoid my paw getting dirty.   When I'm not wearing my shoe, I have to wear this lampshade-thing. It's a bi...

Av Bonzo - 17 juli 2010 21:45

  So this weekend has been an adventure! Husse and matte are away in Germany on tour and Mia's going there as well on Monday, so I'm staying in Viksjö with grandma and my pal Knatte. Knatte lives with Jenny and Mia's cousin Thomas also in Viksjö. B...

Av Bonzo - 10 juli 2010 20:15

  Today seemed like a good day for a swim in Årstaviken!                                   ...

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