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Av Bonzo - 21 maj 2009 22:26

Me and Mia are in Viksjö, watching movies and resting :)

Av Bonzo - 19 maj 2009 22:06

Today I started a new course, viltspår in swedish, you learn how to track wild animals. Mia had to run around in the woods and squirt blood on the ground, and in the end of the trail there's a hoof I'm supposed to find. I was very good at finding the trail and the hoof, apparently I was a bit too fast though.

Here I am at our meeting point, Ryttarstadion/Rider's stadium, looking at horses passing by.

 Waiting for my turn...

Wohoo, I found the hoof!

Av Bonzo - 18 maj 2009 21:07

There are some new pups in the area, this is Bamse and is son Baloo.

Fendi wanted to be in the photo as well...

Av Bonzo - 16 maj 2009 21:43

Mia went to Berlin today, and she met my good friends Bess and Andrea :) They moved to Berlin in January, so I haven't seen Bess for a while. I hope she comes to visit us in the summer!

Av Bonzo - 13 maj 2009 22:11

Back in Blåsut for a couple of hours, Husse had to go to work early today. Lots of friends to hang out with today, when I first got to the dogpark Mozart, Fendi and Olga were there. We were soon joined by Motley and Rocco.

Me and Rocco wrestling

Me going after Rocco's front legs, my special move :)

Av Bonzo - 4 maj 2009 23:32

Another day in Blåsut. Sina was here today since it's Monday. The video is of me and my buddies in the dogpark :)

Later in the afternoon I met an old friend I went to puppyschool with, Smilla.

Me and Smilla

Now I'm tired and have to sleep, tomorrow Husse will be back from England!

Av Bonzo - 3 maj 2009 22:22

Today when I came to Mia's place, something was different. There had been another dog there! I sniffed around the whole apartment as soon as I got there, a bit upset, but it turned out to be my good friend Mozart I sensed. He stayed with Mia for a few hours earlier today.

Here he is trying to flip the bed over.

Sleeping on the couch.

I'm not sure what's going on here...

Av Bonzo - 23 april 2009 21:09

Today is my birthday! I'm three years old now, and officially a grown up :) Happy birthday to me :D

Me and Bosse met up in the dogpark to try out some of my presents.

I'm tired now, after playing with Bosse and unwrapping and eating gifts. Have to take a nap, bye for now.

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