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Av Bonzo - 1 februari 2010 22:45

Another walk in the snow, another nap on the couch :)



Av Bonzo - 28 januari 2010 14:00

The day before yesterday husse came home! But only for a few hours it seemed, yesterday I went back here. Mia went to see husse play yesterday, this is how he looks on stage;


As you can see, there's still lots of snow here. Lucky for me I like snow :)

After a walk it's nice to take a nap under the blankets on the couch.


Av Bonzo - 22 januari 2010 18:15


Me and Mia went to Viksjö today, and grandma wasn't there! I felt I had to be on the look-out...


Finally, when she got back I could cudle up with Knut and relax :)

Av Bonzo - 18 januari 2010 14:00

Todays gang in the dogpark;

Motley, Viggo and me.


Mozart and me sharing a stick, while Motley is lurking behind me.


Sina and Mozart.


Av Bonzo - 17 januari 2010 23:45

Husse is going on tour again, with his punkband Victims. Matte just dropped me off in Blåsut, I'm looking forward to seeing my friends tomorrow! But now it's sleepy time...


Av Bonzo - 4 januari 2010 14:15

I know there's a lot of pictures of my couch in Blåsut, so here's one of me and my couch in Mariehäll :)


Av Bonzo - 29 december 2009 23:00

I like spending time at Mia's place, I like it even more now when Bosse is there!

Husse calls us JD and Turk ;)





Av Bonzo - 25 december 2009 23:45

Merry Christmas everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated Swedish Christmas, with Kalle Anka on tv and everything else Swedish. Today we're doing it England style, Husse's parents and sister are here :)


They set the dessert on fire!

Me and my English aunt, grandpa and grandma :)


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