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Av Bonzo - 17 december 2009 20:30

More fun-time in the snow! Mia dropped the camera while filming this as you can see in the end :)


Av Bonzo - 16 december 2009 14:15

There's a lot of snow right now in Stockholm, and quite cold. But it's fun to play in the snow!




Hmm, I'm not sure wide-angle is my thing...


Trying to kiss the photographer ;)



Av Bonzo - 14 december 2009 21:00

Another day with Bosse and Mia in Blåsut, another wrestling match and another nap :)





Av Bonzo - 12 december 2009 13:45

Saturday means dogwalk in Bromma! Bosse came along today again :)


Av Bonzo - 7 december 2009 20:15

Today I got to visit Bosse and Sina in Blåsut.

I didn't get there until late afternoon, so Bosse and Sina had the early shift of entertaining Mia :) Me and Bosse had to wrestle, one of our favourite games, while Sina was waiting by the door for her master.

After wrestling we needed to take a nap.

Av Bonzo - 5 december 2009 19:45

Bosse is staying with Mia for a while, his master is away on holiday. On Saturday mornings there's a group of dogs walking together here in Bromma. Today Mia and Bosse came along, I wanted my old friends and new friends to meet :)

Here's a bunch of pics of our happy bunch!

-Dude, is there something between my teeth? I ate some grass earlier.

-Nope, looks fine. How about me?











Bosse, Freja, me and Forza.





After the walk we gave Mia and Bosse a ride to the train station, we were quite happy and tired :)


Av Bonzo - 23 november 2009 23:00

Monday again and I'm back in Blåsut. Me, Bosse and Sina did our usual stuff.

Wohoo, I beat Bosse to the stick!


Throw it again, please!


We didn't stay that long in the dogpark, Sina's not too happy about the mud in there. Quite understandable as she has longer fur than me.


Av Bonzo - 16 november 2009 19:30

Mia's been to Germany again, and this time she bought some of my biscuits for me :)

Hmm, they smell nice anyway!


C'mon, give me some biscuits now!


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