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Av Bonzo - 1 november 2009 19:30

Today we went to Viksjö to celebrate grandma's birthday!

But when we first got there she wasn't home, I couldn't relax when she wasn't there so was looking through the window until she got back with the cake :)

Av Bonzo - 14 oktober 2009 23:15


Hello readers! I've been on vacation, in Värmland. Husse and his band Battle of Santiago were recording some songs and I went with them to guard the house. My buddy Erik has some pics, I have to tell him to send me some so I can post them here.

Today I did another visit to Blåsut, doing the usual stuff. Hanging out in the dogpark and lying on the sofa watching tv :)

Av Bonzo - 28 september 2009 22:30

Mia bought a new cameralens, so me, Bosse and Sina had to do some posing in the dogpark. Today's theme were actionpictures :)

Me doing my Evil Face!


Bosse making his Evil Face!


Av Bonzo - 25 september 2009 21:30

Apparantly I sell dogbiscuits in Germany


Av Bonzo - 22 september 2009 20:00

Husse had to go to work today so I'm at Mia's place for a couple of hours. I hung out with Sina, Mozze and Bosse as usual :)


Mozze with a stick



Bosse catching his breath



Sina also a bit short of breath




I'm tired of posing...



Sharing a stick





It's a darn good stick, we all want it :)

Av Bonzo - 14 september 2009 21:45

Ok, so I'm back in Blåsut, it's the usual routine for a Monday. Sina's here, we hang out whit our pals at the dogpark :)


Doing some top modelling





Tired of modelling, now I want to play :)



Bosse and me tugging at a stick, one of our favourite games!



Mozze in his Goldenfnatt-mode...



Mozze and Cricket




Av Bonzo - 12 september 2009 17:11

Some pics from grandma's garden






Av Bonzo - 11 september 2009 13:00

Me and Mia stayed in Viksjö last night. She complains that I take up to much space in the doublebed, but hey, she can always sleep on the couch if she doesn't want to share :)

Grandma took me out for a long walk this morning, cause Mia said she was going to work early. But I didn't get her out of bed until noon. Early work, yeah right...

Anywhoo, I'm staying here in Viksjö until Sunday evening, then I'm going back to Blåsut, and on Tuesday Husse and Matte will finally be back!

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