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Av Bonzo - 10 september 2009 23:30

This morning Mia woke me up early, at 6am! I dragged myself to the door, then I looked at the comfy bed, looked at Mia, looked at the bed again and thought that I'd rather go to sleep again. But Mia read my mind at hooked me to the leash before I could escape.Since it's Thursday, Sina came by an hour later. We wrestled for a while, but we were both quite tired so we soon fell asleep. Later on we went to hang out with our friends at the dogpark :)


I'm watching Zion under the table...



He's moving to Dalarna tomorrow, so I won't see him for a while :(



Little Fendi with her ball and Bamse. I haven't seen Bamse for a long time so that was a lot of fun!



Me and Sina digging for hidden treasures :)



Bamse doesn't dare to take the ball from Fendi.



Young Cricket showed up. He's 10 months old now.



Me and Bamse chasing Cricket.




Cricket and Sina.

Av Bonzo - 9 september 2009 23:00

This morning I had to kick Mia out of bed, usually she gets up before me but not today.

First we went for a walk with Mozart, and later we went to the dogpark.


Me and Louie wrestling while Bosse is chewing on a stick.



Here the three of us are tugging at the same stick.



My look-a-like Fred showed up!



We made a new acquaintance, don't remember the name though.


Av Bonzo - 8 september 2009 20:45

Another day in the Blåsut dogpark. First only me and Sina were there, but when we where about to leave Mozart came by.



Here's a video of me and Mozze :)


Av Bonzo - 7 september 2009 21:45

I'm in Blåsut again, I came here last night. We went to the dogpark then and met Louie, so I've had a good night's sleep :)


Me and one member of Monica's gang :)



Kalle and Raffe.


Me, young Raffe and Bosse sharing a stick.


Raffe is 6 months old, and he loves big dogs :)

Av Bonzo - 25 augusti 2009 22:35

Yey, today I had a great time with my friends, here's todays photosession :) 

Louie showed up!

Waiting for Mia to throw the ball...

Almost got it!

Av Bonzo - 24 augusti 2009 21:32

Tomorrow I will go to Blåsut again, Mozart is staying with Mia so I will definitely see him then :)

Hopefully I get to meet my best pals, Bosse, Mozart and Sina

Av Bonzo - 17 augusti 2009 22:19

Today when I arrived in Blåsut I took a quick afternoon nap.

We went to the dogpark to meet Zion who's in town for a few weeks. When we got there my look-a-like Fred was there!

I'm the one with the stick :)

Here Fred is in front of me.

I'm going after Fred's leg.

Zion, "little" Bosse the 7 months old Dog de Bordeaux, me and Fred.

"Little" Bosse is not so little anymore :)

Zion and me.

Later in the evening me and Mia went for a walk at Nytorpsgärdet. Mia tried to make me pose but I got tired of it after 2 seconds...

Av Bonzo - 11 augusti 2009 18:43

There's a new pup in the neighbourhood, his name is Tore and he's a miniature dachshund.

Mozart and Tore

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