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Av Bonzo - 29 juli 2009 22:09

I'm back in Blåsut, me and Mozze decided to meet up in the park today. When I got there Donna and Pluto were there as well :)

Donna, Mozze and me.

Pluto and Mozze.

Av Bonzo - 9 juli 2009 23:02

Today I went to Blåsut to meet Bosse and Mia.

It was raining outside so we decided to play indoors instead.

 After a while Mia decided that it was better to go to the dogpark.

Me and Bosse sharing the couch.

Bosse went home and I decided to go to bed.

Av Bonzo - 8 juli 2009 22:00

I had a great time today with my good friend Bosse, he's staying with Mia for a couple of days. They took the train to Sundbyberg and we met up in the dogpark. I was so happy when both Mia and Bosse were waiting for me :)

Av Bonzo - 7 juli 2009 20:23

I had no interest in just walking with Jenny today, I wanted to go swimming! I refused to go out of the water... but in the end I had to follow her, since she's the one who buys the food ;)


Av Bonzo - 2 juli 2009 21:37

It's really hot outside today, so me and Mia went for a bikeride to the lake. We both went for a swim, and when I think Mia's swimming to far away I grab the leash and drag her with me to the shore :)

Working on the suntan...

I saw some birds I wanted to chase.

I like to lay on the balcony in the afternoon where it's quite cool.

Keeping my eye out for the Evil Pigeon who use my balcony as a toilet...

Av Bonzo - 30 juni 2009 20:06

Todays photosession in the dogpark :)

I love icecream :)

When I sleep, I always have one ear listening for any icecream-related sounds...

Av Bonzo - 27 juni 2009 22:13

Today we were out having icecream :)

Av Bonzo - 22 juni 2009 01:31

Husse and Matte are in Gothenburg, watching some old dude in school uniform... So I'm staying at Mia's place for a few days.

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