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Av Bonzo - 11 juni 2009 22:00

Today I met Stig Strand in the dogpark, haven't seen him for a while so that was fun!

Mozart showed up :)

Busy with his sticks as usual...

Resting a bit after playing with the ball Mozart has.

Av Bonzo - 8 juni 2009 21:29

More action in the dogpark :)

Svea is behind me and Louie is in front of me here, Fendi is under the bench and Mozart is faceless ;)

Mozart is holding the stick for me.

Bosse found a ball in the dogpark that he now considers to be his.

Mozart and Sina sharing a stick.

Mozart and Louie.

This is me and Mozart no 2.

Av Bonzo - 2 juni 2009 21:25

Today I met Cricket again, he's huge now! He's only six-seven months old, but already weighs more than me.

Av Bonzo - 28 maj 2009 22:38

It's not the best weather today, it's raining. But I want to go and meet my pals anyway :)

We don't like early mornings...

Bosse is not so white anymore. Lucky for me I'm black :)

Zion and me.

Bosse, me and Zion.

Today's fantastic four!

Bonzo! Buddy! Give me a hug!

Av Bonzo - 27 maj 2009 23:12

Today I hung out with Seven the White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

Av Bonzo - 26 maj 2009 22:55

Another day in the Blåsut dogpark :)

This is a new friend, Bosse the third!

He's a Dog de Bordeaux.

Bosse, Bosse and me.

Me, Sina and Bosse sharing a nice stick.

Bosse left and Zion showed up!

Av Bonzo - 25 maj 2009 23:28

Today at the dogpark we met little Baloo again. He's growing really fast!

Little Baloo

Sina, me, Mozart and Bamse

Later in the afternoon we met Bosse.

He had found a bottle to play with.

Sina thought it was hot today.

Av Bonzo - 24 maj 2009 23:11

Back in Blåsut, on my beloved couch :)

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